NOVEMBER 3, 2018.

Our Mission

National Die-In is a student-led movement continuing the fight for common sense gun reform in America. We seek to reduce the gun violence epidemic plaguing the country and marginalize the power of the gun lobby in our government. To learn how we intend to do so, take a look at our mission statement.

Latest Updates

On June 12th, we held die-ins across the nation.  That was only the beginning. Stay tuned as we continue pressing representatives to listen to their constituents and take action on gun legislation. If you’d like to stay in the loop about upcoming events and ways to support the movement, be sure to join our email list!

Get Involved

We couldn’t be making the impact we are today without your assistance. There are many ways for you to get involved with the movement, regardless of age or location. If you are unable to help out in any of the ways suggested, donating is undoubtedly helpful to our mission. Thank you for your efforts and continued support!


Vote for Change

November 3rd, 2018

On November 3rd, National Die-In, in collaboration with Change the Ref, March For Our Lives, and MOCO Students For Change will hold “Vote for Change”, a rally followed by a 17-minute demonstration on the lawn of the Capitol in Washington D.C. to ultimately protest for gun reform, and call on politicians to support such legislation in the upcoming midterm elections. Additionally, the rally is intended to serve as a “call to the polls,” encouraging Americans to exercise their most important rights: their votes, and their voices.


“National Die-In Day is the latest student-led protest to call attention to gun violence and demand gun control measures. In May, a 17-year-old student brought a shotgun and a revolver to his high school in Santa Fe, Texas, and murdered 10 of his classmates and teachers. It was the deadli…” READ MORE
“Dozens of students and activists lay still on the lawn of the US Capitol for 12 minutes Tuesday at an event they hoped would focus attention on gun violence. Prior to the protest, a succession of speakers had pleaded with legislators to pass measures that would bring meaningful refo…” READ MORE
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